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Father Michael J. McGivney Guild

Fr McGivney GuildThe Father Michael J. McGivney Guild serves as a source for information about the life, works and spirituality of Father McGivney. The Guild distributes informational materials about him, receives reports of favors granted through his intercession and oversees the distribution of relics. There are more than 132,000 members of the Father McGivney Guild.

The purpose of the Guild is to inspire greater personal holiness and cooperation with God’s grace by disseminating information about Father McGivney. “The Guild’s goal is to spread the good word about Father McGivney’s holiness of life, to encourage devotion to his memory and to seek his intercession before the throne of God,” said Dominican Father Gabriel B. O’Donnell, guild director and postulator of Father McGivney’s cause for canonization.

The Knights of Columbus founded the Guild in 1997 concurrently with the archdiocesan phase of Father McGivney’s cause for canonization. Membership in the Guild, which is free, is open to all individuals and households, but not groups. Members of the Knights of Columbus are not automatically Guild members and must elect to join the Guild. The Father Michael J. McGivney Guild Newsletter is published bimonthly except July- August, and is sent free to Guild members.

Members who wish to do so may make tax-deductible contributions to assist in the Guild’s work, but this is by no means required.

Those devoted to Father McGivney are encouraged to join the Guild and regularly say the prayer for his canonization, which is available online and on a special prayer card. Members are asked to pray for Father McGivney’s canonization, report favors received and assist in the advancement of the cause.